Hutchinson Engineering – LJ Manpack Pro

Hutchinson Engineering – LJ Manpack Pro


Hutchinson Engineering are a hugely successful company, with a workforce of hundreds all needing to be fully kitted out in branded, professional workwear. This includes a large list of items including specialist (hi-vis, flame-retardant and anti-static) coats, safety boots, gloves, polo shirts and day-to-day work garments.

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The company’s Purchaser has the responsibility of ordering every item for each member of staff, prior to working with LJ Workwear this was done by email or telephone. This also involved manually keeping track of an individual’s allowance, their orders and sizing across every garment, in addition to ensuring budgets were met and quality standards kept.

This made ordering and managing the workforce’s uniform time-consuming.

Efficient working practices and in-house processes

When Hutchinson Engineering came over to us as a client it was for our competitive pricing, superior product knowledge and exceptional garment quality. But when they discovered our online LJ Manpack Pro service, they were even more impressed!

Our online system enables the Purchaser to order everything for all employees in one place, whenever it is needed. If it’s a company-wide seasonal re-order, or a new starter pack, the process is always quick, easy and reliable.

For convenience, orders are packed per individual employees, with every item belonging to that person delivered in a convenient bundle. The label can be tailored to include any information needed, such as name, employee number, or a note on anything outstanding from that order. This means there is no sorting or cross-referencing to be done at the client’s end, resulting in hassle-free distribution.

All information on an individual employee is held securely in one place, so the Purchaser can also use the system to track an individual’s allowance, keeping them in complete control of budgets.


Benefit: Hassle-free ordering

By using the LJ Workwear Manpack Pro service. ordering workwear is now simple, agile and reliable. This facility represents everything our company stands for- going that extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service at no extra cost, and taking the hassle out of purchasing decisions: saving you time and money.

In addition to receiving beautiful looking, high-quality branded workwear, the Purchaser is delighted with how this system has streamlined her job. It’s also easy to see an individual’s allowance, resulting in saving money by not over ordering.

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